Purchase process

Purchase Process

At Northern Star Real Estate we understand our clients need a service that goes beyond property purchase and we strive to offer an One Stop Service that you can trust.

Our One Stop Services is more than offering properties; we advise you for the most suitable properties, assist you with financing application, explain you all the purchase documents, provide you after sale rental and exit service. Furthermore our extensive network of developers, lawyers, bankers, tax consultants, interior designers can best serve your requirements.


Initial contact phase

Select property

Based on the inquiry criteria, we send you some properties for selection.

View property

We will accompany you to view the properties in Berlin.


Reservation phase

(4-6 weeks)

Sign reservation form

Sign the reservation form.

Review purchase document

We prepare all the purchase documents with the notary for your review.

Prepare mortgage application (if needed)

We assist you to prepare the mortgage application documents and submit for you.
Once the application documents are submitted, the mortgage application can be
approved in 2-3 weeks.

Power of Attorney (if needed)

When you come to Berlin to notarize the purchase contract, then you do not need a lawyer.
When you do not come to Berlin to notarize, then you need to hire a lawyer. We will prepare the Power of Attorny document with your lawyer.
And then you need to go to local German Embassy or Consulate to sign the
Power Of Attorney documents.

Post address (if needed)

You are required by the notary to have a post address in Germany to receive all the
property documents. The address can be from your family or your friends. If you
do not have, the lawyer can provide this service for you.


Purchase phase

The buyer or the legal representative of the buyer and the seller or the legal represerntative of the seller will sign the purchase agreemnt at the notar.

After signing the purchase agreement, the notary will submit all the documents to the local land registry and register the property under the new owner’s name.

If it is an off-plan property, then the prchase price will be paid in several installment according to the construction process.



After sale rental phase

Rental services

Our property management partner will provide full rental services, including finding tenants, arranging rental agreement, day to day tenant management, furnishing service and etc.


Exit Phase

Sell your property

We can also help you sell your property without any fee. Usually the buyer pays for the fee.

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