Getting financed for your property purchase in Germany

At Northern Star Real Estate we assist you throughout the financing application process. With our broad network with banks and financing instituitions, we aim to find the best financing plan for you.


When you work in Germany

When you work outside Germany

Basic documents needed for application:

Passport or residence permit in Germany, recent 3 month pay slips, working contract, bank statement

Passport, income statement, bank statement, EU bank account

Financing instituitions:


Banks, Pension Funds

Financing amount:

Up to 100% depending on the income level

New development up to 70%, second hand property up to 50% depending on the condition

Interest rate and terms:

Depending on the bank rates, usually less than 2%

2.9% (10 year), 3.5% (15 year), 3.7% (20 year)

Application time:

2 to 4 weeks

2 to 4 weeks



I am a foreigner and do not work in Germany. Can I get financing?

Yes. If you can prove your income in another country, you can get financing. Please refer the contents under „when you work outside Germany

I am a student in Germany. Can I get financing?

No. Unfortunately when you do not have income, you are not eligible for financing in Germany. However your parents can apply for you.

I am a German citizen but I work outside Germany. Can I get financing?

Yes, you can get financing. Please contact us for more details.

Do I need to be personally present for the financing application?

No. All the documents can be sent via email or post.

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